UK Set to Push Further Regulation Across The Online Casino Market

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The regulations continue for online casino players in the UK, with further changes set to be rolled out later in the year. This will see a new £2 maximum stake being enforced for under 25s playing online slots, which is set to be a further dent to operators and affiliates in the space.  This is being set out by the Government to protect young people from the potential harms and addiction that can come from gambling but is no doubt going to come under huge pressure for those involved in the iGaming industry.

The new measures being rolled out in September will include:

  • Stake limits for online slots to be introduced in September in a landmark moment for UK regulation
  • £2 Maximum stake for 18-24 year old set to be introduced
  • £5 Maximum limit for adults aged 25 

These regulations are being pushed, as online slots are currently seen as one of the most addictive forms of gambling and have been in the firing line continuously from the Gambling commission as a scape goat of gambling harm. 

These regulations are going to send further shock waves across the UK gambling industry and those involved, with the operators and affiliates being further negatively impacted. It is only going to further result in online players likely looking to move away from these traditional and regulated options to be able to continue to play to the stakes they wish. This covering the likes of both Non uk and European based casinos, that continue to allow UK players and are going to likely benefit from this.

The responses and those looking to battle against these new regulations from the Government white paper have already begun and will be published soon. 

Here at Bestnongamstopcasinos – we will be following this and providing all the latest news and changes across the UK online gambling industry.

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